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Lake cabin decorating : Texas decoration

Lake Cabin Decorating

lake cabin decorating

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  • Confine in a small place

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  • a small house built of wood; usually in a wooded area

  • A large body of water surrounded by land

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Muncho Lake; bursting with beauty!

Muncho Lake; bursting with beauty!

If you asked me at the age of 7
where my favorite place on earth was, I would have told you Muncho Lake. Even
13 years later I would tell you the exact same answer.

My parents began bringing me
here since before I could walk. Muncho Lake is 4 hours north of Fort Nelson,
BC. It is a site only believed after you have seen it yourself. Measuring at
approximately 12kms long, and the deepest depth being measured at 800m, it is
also a glacier fed lake. So the waters are very chilly most days.

On the drive along the lake,
you have water on one side and a mountain side on the other. Stretching up,
further than can be imagined. A likely site along this highway is stone
mountain sheep, on of the many animals that live around Muncho Lake.

There are five different accommodations
choices at Muncho Lake. The two provincial campgrounds are Strawberry Flats and
MacDonald campground. Strawberry Flats is on one of the many beautiful spots on
the lake, with shallow jade green waters. MacDonald Campground is tucked away
in the trees, its sites offer privacy and also it offers a boat launch.

The privately owned Muncho Lake
RV Park is located on the mid section of the lake, with trees and private
sites. Also they offer power, water and many other hook up options.

Not the camping type? There is
a lodge, actually the only year round full service lodge on the Alaska Highway.
The Northern Rockies Lodge; family owned and a great facility. Offering home
cooked food in their restaurant, showers and the choice between three different
types of accommodation. The lodge itself has hotel rooms, well kept and clean.
Also they offer you cabins, and RV sites!

My absolute favorite thing to
do at Muncho Lake is to sit on the dock, take pictures, read or just take in
the sights. With mountains wrapping all around me, how could I not stare? At
night sitting on the shore, the sky is beautifully decorated with the northern
stars. If you are lucky, maybe even the Northern Lights. Muncho Lake actually
stands for “big water” in Kaska language.

Muncho Lake is a must see for
anybody who is passing by, so stop and enjoy the beauty that Muncho Lake, and
the surrounding mountains have to offer!

Lady Bug Picnic

Lady Bug Picnic

These little cookies (and many more) were made for a friend who spends a couple of weeks at their summer cabin on a lake in Wisconsin. I'm mailing them off tomorrow. They have all their grown children, grandchildren and other family members coming for a total of over 20 people! They are looking forward to a GREAT time.

- Happy Baking

lake cabin decorating

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