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Outdoor Tropical Decorations

outdoor tropical decorations

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Diamond Center Christmas

Diamond Center Christmas

This is the newly-decorated entrance to the Diamond Center Mall (located at the intersection of Ph?m Ng?c Th?ch and Le Du?n Streets--just north of the Notre Dame cathedral). Up until a couple of weeks before the photo was taken, this patio was the outdoor location of my favorite Highlands Coffee location. It was the closest to our apartment. Highlands Coffee is like Starbucks basically--pretty good world coffeeshop-style coffee, not Vietnamese style. I haven't found too many places that serve both at once. So when I am in the mood for a latte grande, I come here. Or I did before it became a Christmas diorama. After, the crowd of kids and photographers and blaring Christmas music has driven the coffee shop away (you can see what remains of the counter behind the pasted-on facade of the O HUI Castle there). You can see Sunshine in the left hand corner.

anthurium centerpiece

anthurium centerpiece

Take a trip to the tropics with this anthurium and ginger centerpiece created by Jill Stephens at Blooming Events. This large arrangement was the central decoration for an outdoor tropical wedding held at Perry's Swim School in Ocala, Florida.

outdoor tropical decorations

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