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Play Free Room Decoration Games

play free room decoration games

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I will not tell

I will not tell

[22:11] Jacob Feller had begun letting the captive toy walk the warehouse freely. Still denying her clothing, but letting her move about as she willed. As long as she behaved and followed the rules he would even allow her to share his bed, without restraints. Only he knew how to undo the locks on the door without sitting off the explosives, and so even if she killed him in his sleep, the warehouse would become her tomb instead of her prison. He had been reclining on the rug down below, flipping through a magazine he had found somewhere, sneering at the pages as he flipped through.
[22:17] beth Latynina walks as had been pacing around upstairs as always looking for an way to get out but always it is blocke. Feet soft as she would move down along the stairs pauses as she sees him there feeling the emotion of fear mixed with an confusion of other things. Somehow she has been drawn to him even as she hates the man as she just tortures and abuses her. Approaching as teeth biting down along her lips speaks quietly," am hungry.."
[22:23] Jacob Feller had just flipped the page and quickly scanned over the contents there on, efoe closing the periodical and flinging it across the room toward the burn barrel on the other side. His eyes slid up to her naked and exposed flesh. The heat from the barrel trapped inside the now subterreanean space kept the tomcat's den warm, making nudity quite comfortable. "Come here..." His hand went to the rug next to him, fingers curling slightly as he drug heavy nails through the thick shag. Well recovered from his own captivity His strength near full once more and his toy's health seen to. His eyes stayed fixed on her face, "Sit next to me..."
[22:28] beth Latynina blue eyes flicker as watches the magizine tossed carelessly away beautiful face frowning for an moment before atttention flickers back toward him. Unmindful the she is naked as used to the fact as the place is kept warm and learned not to try an steal clothing to wear. Hearing him beckon her close as feet move forward without the slightest hesitation shown. Not daring to disobey she settles down next to him as blonde hair caresses to slope of shoulders half covering large mounds of breasts. Silent after the decoration of her hunger as she waits to see what he might do.
[22:29] Forgetten Tomorrow is Offline
[22:37] Jacob Feller watched her as she settled as instructed. He reached backand slid the pizza box from under the pillow next to him. He ahd brought it in whe he had last returned from the outside world. "You have learned quick... " as he lifted the lid back revealing a meal a few hours old, but still edible. Pizza covered in a healthy coat of Cheese and excessive meats, very few vegetables, "So quick... I doubt anythign you do is genuine... but you know the game, and play by the rules." His eyes would rise to hers as he left the box open on the other side of his body, "You may eat." his hands folded back behind his head as he watched. Eyes on the sway of her breast as she would have to reach acrossed his body

[22:44] beth Latynina settled next to him as watches as the pizza box is slide from under the pillow as nose twitching is sure you can hear the rumbling of belly. Remaining always mindfull of the rules as soft voices murmurs," thank you.." before stretching lithe frame across your chest fingers reaching for an slice of the pizza. Large breast bouncing as an flush colors to cheeks eases body back to take an bite. Blue eyes just watching you closely still as she swallows the pizza bite.

[22:50] Jacob Feller lays his head back eyes sliding closed slowly as he speaks, "When you leave here... you will be free once more... to do as you wish." head rocking back up a little more forward, "But you must still follow the rules... and when I come to ill behave accordingly." His eyes were cold under is lids half open as he focused on her a moment, "understood?" he would wait for her answer and then his eyes sinking back closed as his hands unfolded and his head rocked back. "You will always be mine... and it snt just your life that depends on that... remember... You will be mine as long as I want you... I have invested much into you.. you are my toy now."

[22:57] beth Latynina: /ne breaht catching to throat as he speaks of letting her go as hope surges that one day she will leave this place. The slice of pizza that is held in hand all but forgotten but crushed as he continues to speak. Head lowered and turned to the side knowing she will never be free of him. Not answering him for an moment but looking upwards murmurs," yes.." in response to the question. No longer hungry but eats the slice of pizza anyway as he had allowed her the food. " but what of my husband?.." asked quietly even as still does not understand why he has not tried to find her

[23:02] Jacob Feller smile

play free room decoration games

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