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Wall Decorations For Dorm Rooms

wall decorations for dorm rooms

  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something

  • A thing that serves as an ornament

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  • Ornamentation

    dorm rooms
  • (Dorm room) A dormitory, often shortened to dorm, in the United States is a residence hall consisting of sleeping quarters or entire buildings primarily providing sleeping and residential quarters for large numbers of people, often boarding school, college or university students.

  • (dorm room) dormitory: a large sleeping room containing several beds

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Windmill City

Windmill City

Chicago was so much fun!!! I'm actually glad we only stayed one night...the traffic was HORRIBLE. I'm sooo not used to city life. I am most definitely buying a house out in the country when I am older haha

Anyways, sorry I havn't been keeping up with your pictures :( these past two days I was on a mini vacation and didnt get on the computer at all. Now that I finally am home I am going through all of the pictures I took, I decided to add this one first. I took more pictures yesterday of the actual city, but I wanted to add one I took today. This was snapped on our way home from the "windy city". To and from Chicago we passed this huuuge span of land with hundreds and hundreds of windmills. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!! It was so weird and amazing at the same time. I mean we drove for probably 5 minutes...and everywhere you looked there was a windmill. You can even see some WAY off in the distance of this picture!! Picture this exact view of a ton of windmills...only everywhere you looked haha

So for this picture my head was hanging out the window, I was sitting on top of my best friends lap, and my hair looked like an afro when I pulled my head back into the car. ...yea.... so I'm STILL sitting hair unbrushed. I look like a savage :)
What I dont do to get a picture I tell you.

and now...I will explain my 2 day trip in Chicago...for those who have nothing to do and feel like reading this :)


ahh. yesterday was great. all the walking and the traffic did exhaust me... but it was nice to be out of my hometown for a change. (only my Dad and Sunny, my best friend, went for those who didnt know by now)...we woke up around 5am. We hit the road around 7 and ran through Burger King for breakfast. yum. I got biscuits and gravy (because for some odd reason I always crave it :P) and Sunny and my dad got a breakfast sandwhich of some sort. We left early and made time on purpose to avoid being rushed. We made time for parking and for just finding the Art Institute of Chicago to be on time for a college visit I had planned there at 12pm. Everything was going great...we were driving...jammin' to our ipods...when all of a sudden Sunny notices something weird with our timing. She asks what time it is and my dad replies 10am. She's like, "but my phone says 9am"... we all sit there, dazed and confused, until we finally realize there was a timezone difference hahahaha all I'm saying is I'm glad we GAINED an hour instead of LOSING one... that would have been awful. So we had a whole hour in which we used to drive around Chicago for a bit and to take some pictures of it's popular attractions...
oh we also sat on a ledge admiring some of the bold and daring/ embarassing outfits the Chicagonians(made that word up) decided to clothe their bodies in as they strutted down the busy streets (of which I couldnt help but to take some pictures of and will be adding to facebook for a good laugh ;D) AND we convinced my father to take us to Starbucks before the time of my college visit arrived :)

The girl who showed us around was really nice and a great speaker. I was thankful for that... but the school was not at ALL what I was expecting. Well, to be honest I wasnt sure what to expect, (it was my first college visit)... but it felt... not right. The walls were bare (maybe because school was out for the summer?), the rooms were unwelcoming, and everything about it was just not...I dont know. me. Also the fact that its in the center of a HUGE, busy, chaotic city makes me really think twice. Plus the dorm rooms are soooo far away from the college! Well, from the building we happened to tour anyway... gosh I dont know. I think it's possible that the school is right for me, I'm just saying I want to go on a few more college visits to have something to compare it to.

One benefit I did find when we were in the college area was that there was a cute little art store across the street :) We looked around the colorful shop and I LOVED it. So many artsy things, definitely my kind of I would totally work at if I did end up going to SAIC :) There was this really friendly old lady who greeted us and we talked for a little bit. She is SO nice!! I wouldnt mind working with her :)

After the college visit my Dad, Sunny, and I looked around the art museum. Did you know that it is the 3rd LARGEST musem in the WORLD!? I thought that was pretty cool. I enjoyed looking at the art...but when we finally lost interest we headed for the car.. a medieval adventure awaited us :)

This adventure I speak of is called Medieval Times. It is a place built like a castle (even looks like one inside) where you are refered to as "my lady" and go to eat like a barbarian while watching a show with horses and knights as they battle in an arena below. You get to wear paper crowns with a certain color and you wave flags for the

The Great Wall of Flickr

The Great Wall of Flickr

I think I'd be too boastful to post my *own* photos on my walls for decoration. Although I'm definitely proud of some of my work, I'd just be an ass to have a wall dedicated to myself.

So I decided to pay a tribute to the people who inspire me the most everyday- the photographers on flickr.

It started off with one photo, then two photos, then three photos. 3 hours, a package of canon 4 x 6 photo paper, and an entire cartridge worth of ink later is what i'd like to call "The Great Wall of Flickr."

It's still a work in progress; I eventually want to have the photos wrap around every wall in my dorm. A little ambitious, but who knows...It just might happen.

wall decorations for dorm rooms

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