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Decorate Your Room Games

decorate your room games

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I am a craftman and also a new player in the WOW cyber game. These days I

find I deeply get interested in the Character in the WOW game, SO I guess many player like

me will love such game character.I am confident that I can make the Character in the WOW

game, can dipct
its vivid facial impression and equips. Now I have made a Draena's Shaman with lvl70, it

looks great. I also can make any other WOW game character according the players'request,

for example, your prefered equips, posture, expression. These images can be used to

decorate your room or as a momery of your glory in the game. If any player are

interest,please contact me by

IMG 0941

IMG 0941

What a way to decorate your game room. A Pats couch!

decorate your room games

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